Project Case Study:

In 2018, Hollaway began working with a commercial development group to consult on a planned development along the Texas Gulf Coast. Over the five-year project, Hollaway supported the client in studying and identifying environmental constraints, conducting environmental surveys, and preparing and submitting Clean Water Act (CWA) permits. During the project, Hollaway’s environmental experts identified unavoidable impacts to jurisdictional wetlands and coordinated required mitigation.

Mitigation Design and Monitoring

Hollaway worked to design a Permittee Responsible Mitigation (PRM) Plan that met regulatory requirements and was feasible for the client to implement. Mitigation design and construction activities took place between April and July of 2019. Hollaway restored, enhanced, and preserved palustrine emergent, estuarine, scrub‑shrub wetlands, and tidal flats. Hollaway also identified designated critical habitat for the federally endangered piping plover, which was preserved within the mitigation area.

Environmental Drone Photography

The PRM plan involved the restoration of hydrologic sheet flow by repairing extensive ruts on mud flats, and the preservation of a 13-acre site. The PRM required three years of monitoring and reporting to multiple resource agencies. Our FAA Part 107 licensed drone pilot captured real-time unmanned aerial system (UAS) drone imagery to document mitigation progress from a bird’s-eye view. The USACE issued final approval and clearance in 2022.


Corpus Christi, Texas

Contract Duration:


Project Elements:

Environmental Services

  • Multi-agency coordination (USACE, USFWS, TPWD)
  • CWA Permitting
  • Mitigation Design and Monitoring

Creative Services

  • Drone photography