Odyssey Engineering Group, LLC

Project Case Study:

Hollaway Environmental + Communications Services provided creative services to support Odyssey Engineering Group, LLC, in a corporate branding refresh. This collaborative initiative aimed to redefine Odyssey Engineering’s overall corporate image, creating a cohesive, engaging, and professional brand identity across various communication channels.

Hollaway closely collaborated with Odyssey Engineering’s internal teams, ensuring a shared vision and seamless transition forward. Regular feedback sessions and milestone reviews were conducted to align the evolving brand identity with Odyssey Engineering’s overarching goals.

Hollaway completed the following tasks for Odyssey:

  • Cohesive Brand Identity: A reimagined brand identity was unveiled that encapsulated Odyssey Engineering’s core values, mission, and expertise. Hollaway Environmental and Communications meticulously refined the color palette, and updated typography for a seamless and recognizable visual presence.
  • Collateral Design: Existing collateral materials were transformed into compelling assets that aligned seamlessly with the new brand identity. From brochures to one-pagers, Hollaway ensured a polished and consistent appearance, enhancing the overall brand presentation.
  • Proposal Templates: Visually striking and standardized proposal templates were introduced, showcasing Odyssey Engineering’s prowess and commitment to excellence. These templates, crafted by Hollaway, served as powerful tools in conveying professionalism to potential clients.
  • Drone Photography/Videography: Cutting-edge drone technology was leveraged to capture captivating visuals of Odyssey Engineering’s projects. Hollaway provided high-caliber images and videos, enhancing marketing materials with a dynamic and immersive perspective.
  • Website Refresh: Hollaway Environmental led a comprehensive overhaul of Odyssey Engineering’s online presence. The website was redesigned to reflect the refreshed brand identity, highlight recent projects, and elevate user experience with modern design elements


Houston, Texas

Contract Duration:


Project Elements:

Creative Services

  • Brand identity + design
  • Collateral + graphic design
  • Template design + creation
  • Drone photography/videography
  • Website design + development
Odyssey website design