Hollaway Environmental + Communications Services, Inc. is a consulting firm like no other. Our team bridges two worlds that are uniquely connected: Environmental Services and Strategic Communications Services. As such, our team understands the “big picture,” and we take proactive and compassionate action to secure successful outcomes for all involved.

Our HUB, SBE, WBE, DBE, and WOSB firm boasts national planning, regulatory, permitting, and public communications experience for high-profile clients, specifically for projects that have significant regional benefits or impacts


  • We are a team of trusted advisors.

  • We produce award-winning and outstanding work.

  • Our work benefits the projects, the people, and the environments we serve.

  • We employ exemplary talent and foster professional development.

  • Through our “big picture” expertise, we take proactive and compassionate action to secure successful outcomes for all involved.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, for the past 30 years, Hollaway serves the entire state of Texas and U.S. Gulf Coast region with expert consulting services. We specialize in:

  • Environmental Consulting

  • NEPA Compliance

  • Mitigation & Monitoring

  • Economic Analysis

  • Coastal Planning

  • Strategic Communications

  • Community Engagement

  • Creative Services

In 1994, a vision took shape in the heart of Houston, Texas. Founded with passion for the nexus of environmental and communications excellence, Hollaway Environmental and Communications Services has grown into a dynamic force in the industry. Just as pearls are built up in layers over time, Hollaway has grown through 30 years of opportunities, challenges, and successes.

Our journey has made us stronger, brighter, and more capable of providing innovative services to our clients and the communities we serve. Three decades of significance, courage, accountability, leadership and empathy have brought us to this point. And now, we look forward – to more growth, to bigger opportunities, to a brighter future. This is a significant milestone for Hollaway Environmental and Communications. We are grateful for all who helped us along the way, and excited for all our future has in store.

While we take pride in being a small, people-focused organization, our work is renowned nationwide. Hollaway has the privilege of supporting some of the significant projects in the region, and our award-winning level of service shows:

  • Texas Coastal Resiliency Master Plan

    Since the plan’s inception in 2016, Hollaway has provided stakeholder engagement and education efforts and graphic design/document preparation services. Hollaway designed the 2017, 2019, and 2023 versions of the State of Texas’ Coastal Resiliency Master Plan, which provides a framework for community, socio-economic, ecologic and infrastructure protection from coastal hazards including erosion and storm surge.

  • State Highway 87 Revetment

    To support TxDOT, Hollaway prepared a Biological Evaluation (BE) and conducted intensive habitat surveys (ground and drone technology) for the eastern Black Rail, Piping Plover, Rufa Red Knot, and sea turtle to support consultation with USFWS for a proposed revetment project near High Island and Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge in Galveston County, Texas.

  • State Highway 99 Segment I-2 Cedar Bayou Bridge

    Hollaway worked closely with TxDOT’s contractor to meet restoration obligations under a Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 404 permit, as construction activities resulted in a severed hydrological connection to a large wetland complex (causing it to dry up). Hollaway facilitated negotiations between TxDOT, USACE, and the contractor to identify a solution that met the spirit of the CWA. Hollaway quickly designed, obtained approval for, and implemented a Voluntary Restoration Plan that restored and enhanced three forested wetlands.

  • Mustang Island Commercial Development

    In 2018, Hollaway began working with a commercial development group to consult on a planned development along the Texas Gulf Coast. Over the five-year project, Hollaway supported the client in studying and identifying environmental constraints, conducting environmental surveys, and preparing and submitting Clean Water Act (CWA) permits.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Through our “big picture” expertise, we take proactive and compassionate action to secure successful outcomes for all involved.

Gradient Group, LLC has partnered with Hollaway on several high-profile infrastructure improvement projects in the Houston area. Hollaway constantly provides fresh and innovative public engagement ideas that educate and extract valuable information from the general public that helps solidify buy-in.

The hardest part of any project is battling negative public perception – Hollaway’s proactive, upfront, transparent public engagement communications prevent negative public perceptions from ever starting.

— Partner at Gradient Group, LLC

Hollaway has been amazing to work with. Their team is very client satisfaction oriented by being responsive (even with last-second requests), taking charge of their portion of the project, developing relationships, and getting quality products on time and on budget. I would highly recommend them on any future environmental work.

— Senior Project Manager at Neel-Schaffer, Inc.

Kasey and the entire Hollaway Environmental team did an outstanding job supporting Gauge Engineering and the City of League City with environmental work for 4 channel repair projects post Hurricane Harvey. We very much appreciate the collaborative approach for USACE permitting. In particular, Hollaway’s ability and willingness to assist us with the development of design workarounds to avoid permitting pitfalls and their relationships with the USACE Galveston District that resulted in a key “No Permit Required” letter for a particularly challenging project.

— Principal at Gauge Engineering

We love working alongside the Hollaway team! A great example was our work together on the Lower Clear Creek and Dickinson Bayou Watershed Study. The study picked up where a lot of prior work in the southern Harris County and northern Galveston County communities had left off over a period of decades. As such, public stakeholder engagement was always going to be challenging, but critically important.

The Hollaway team established a structured approach to engaging technical and community stakeholders so everyone was informed of the study’s objectives, had multiple opportunities to express their opinions, and was clearly informed of how their input was incorporated into our work.

— Principal at Freese and Nichols

I engaged Hollaway and Kasey Clarke at the beginning of a project to ensure there were no Army Corps of Engineers complications. I appreciate the thorough explanations, in simple terms, about the complex regulations of the Corps. Ms. Clarke keeps me updated and has never had an issue with the changing and expanding scope of our drainage project.

— Municipal Services Group Manager at the Odyssey EG

The public outreach information provided by Hollaway has been responsible for driving design decisions of numerous public infrastructure projects.

I have been working on public infrastructure projects for the last 30 years throughout the United States and Europe and have found projects run smoother and more efficient when Hollaway is responsible for communications.

— Partner at Gradient Group